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1. What is Digital TV?

Digital TV is an advanced broadcasting technology that replaces analog over-the-air broadcasting. Digital broadcasting allows stations to offer improved picture and sound quality along with a host of other advantages over analog broadcasting. Besides, DTV takes up much less space in the airwaves (bandwidth), so there is room for more channels and features than the basic channels available on analogue TV.

2. What does Digital TV give me?

The full range of features depends on the platform you choose (digital terrestrial, satellite, cable or broadband), but the main benefits are:
• More TV channels
• Better quality pictures and sound
• Interactive features
• Radio through your TV
• Electronic programme guide (EPG)
• Better accessibility
• Advanced commercial wireless services

3. How do I get Digital TV?

If you receive only free over-the-air television programming, the type of TV you own, either a digital TV or an analog TV, is very important. Consumers who receive only free over-the-air television may view digital programming through a TV set with a built-in digital tuner (integrated DTV) or a set-top box. The only additional equipment required to view over-the-air digital programming with a DTV is a regular antenna, either on your roof or a smaller version on your TV such as “rabbit ears.”

4. How about my Analog TV? Will it still work?

If you have an analog television, you will have to purchase a set-top box to attach to your TV set to be able to view digital programming.
You don't have to buy a new television set, because a traditional analogue TV can be adapted for digital by connecting it to a set-top box with an extra lead.

5. What makes StarTimes different from others?

Technical Advantage
Combining satellite with terrestrial, the transmission quality is weatherproof, and it’s very easy for you to install the terminals. Besides, our system supports mobile reception and it’s suitable for local content diffusion. 

Content Advantage
Variety of programs (local and international) can meet all of your requirements for TV content: News, Sports, Film, TV Series, Music, Documentary, etc. 

Rich Experience
By far StarTimes has completed platform construction and started commercial operation in 8 countries in Africa. We have accumulated rich experience in the local market and we know well what our customers want the most. We are dedicated to offer them the best. 

Affordable Price
To enable everyone to afford our product, we fix our initial access fee and monthly subscription fee in a very reasonable level, so that most of the local people could enjoy the beauty of digital TV. 

Multiple Choices
Different program bouquets and terminal products are accessible now in all our project countries. 

Extensive Sales Network
Business halls, agents, small shops, you can easily distinguish StarTimes’ brand colours (orange and blue) and subscribe to our services in a minute!

6. What are the methods of subscribing and recharging?

Currently, the subscription and payment can be done in the following ways:
1. The Customer can subscribe at any of our business offices or dealers;
2. Buy recharge cards from any of our business offices and dealers;
3.More recharging methods (via bank, mobile phone, etc.) will be available in the near future.

7. How can I be one of your Dealers/Distributors?

Please contact any of our offices in your country for more information。

8. I have a message on my screen displaying “No Signal”, “No access, Not Subscribed”, “Smart Card Error”, “ No access, Not Activated”, what can I do?

No Signal - Adjust your antenna (Internal or External) position/ direction;
No access, Not Activated - Wait a few minutes for the decoder to activate;
No access, Not Subscribed - Subscription required;
SmartCard Error - Make sure the SmartCard is properly inserted into the decoder with the chip facing down.

9. Can I get the Smartcard alone?

Yes, only if your current Smartcard is lost or damaged. The StarTimes’ Smartcard works only with StarTimes products (decoders and Digital TVs).

10. How do I get my software update?

Updates are done automatically on StarTimes network.

11. Do I get warranty for StarTimes Products?

Yes, you get 12 months warranty and life-long maintenance on the decoder.

12. Can an SMS message be sent on my screen to alert me of the subscription?

Yes, it is possible.

13. I successfully installed my decoder but still get the ‘No Signal’ message on the TV screen, what do I do?

Check if the antenna is properly connected to the decoder; If the signal is weak, connect your outdoor antenna to StarTimes decoder (not TV set).

14. Can I use my StarTimes TV with other electronic devices?

Yes, you can. It can be used with your DVD, USB device, and it can be served as a computer monitor.

15. How do I activate Parental Control on my decoder?

On the remote control, press ‘MENU’---go to ‘SYSTEM SETTINGS’ , press OK---go to ‘Parental Control’, press OK--- input default password ‘0000’ and then ‘NEW PASSWORD’, repeat ‘NEW PASWORD’.

16. What’s Sun Outage and its effect on TV?

A sun outage, (sun transit or sun fade) is an interruption in or distortion of geostationary satellite signals caused by interference from solar radiation. The effect is due to the sun's radiation overwhelming the satellite signal. Generally, sun outages occur in February, March, September and October, that is, around the time of the equinoxes. As the sun radiates strongly at the microwave frequencies used to communicate with satellites (C-band, Ka band and Ku band) the sun swamps the signal from the satellite. The effects of a sun outage can include partial degradation, that is, an increase in the error rate, or total destruction of the signal.

17. How to install my decoder and antenna in a right way?

Together with the “User’s Manual”, we have an orange smart card. This is the exclusive key to your STB. Insert it into the card slot. Please note: when you insert the card, make sure the metallic chip faces downward and inward and insert it to the end.

The blue card is the Client Card. It is the ID card of your STB. So please keep it properly, for later you will use it for recharging or paying the fee.

Now we are going to connect the wires.
First please connect the power line of the STB.
Then connect the red, yellow and white wires between the STB and the TV.

Now take out the indoor antenna and connect it to the RF-in interface in the STB. Stick the antenna to any metallic flat surface in your room, then turn on the TV, switch to AV1 mode and turn on the STB. The startup picture with StarTimes logo will appear on the TV. After that the auto search begins.

Please wait patiently for the program search. If you have searched 30 channels, please check whether all the channels can display fluently. If there is no block of program or mosaic on the screen, it means the indoor antenna reception is good, and now you can enjoy the colorful program.

If there are no channels found after the auto search, you need to place the indoor antenna to another place. Please remember: every time you change the location of the antenna, you need to restart the auto search.

If the indoor antenna reception is too bad, you need to consider using an outdoor antenna.
If you have the outdoor antenna already and can receive the signal of other channels, please try to connect the outdoor antenna connector to the RF in the STB. After that, turn on the STB and start auto search. If you could get 30 channels without block of program nor mosaic on the screen, it means the outdoor antenna works well, and you can enjoy the program now.

If your outdoor antenna still doesn’t work, we advise you to purchase StarTimes’ antenna.
Just to remind you: when you choose the place for the antenna, please don’t haste to fix the cable. You’d better adjust it repeatedly to find the best angle for the antenna to receive the signal.

When you are installing the antenna, please pay attention to the following things:

It is better for the antenna setup to be higher rather than be lower. And the antenna should face the television transmission tower—please check the location of the television transmission tower in your city on the screen.
The antenna should be fixed well without swaying or moving, otherwise, it will affect the reception of the signal.
Please try to avoid tall trees and groves.
Please avoid streets with heavy traffic flow.
Please avoid high-tension wire.

If you have any questions, please contact us freely. We will offer you the best service.

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