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StarTimes Convenes the 4th African Digital TV Development Seminar 2014-06-23 00:00:00   source:

On 19th June, StarTimes convenes the 4th African Digital TV Development Seminar in Hengda Hotel, Tianjin, China. Representatives from 24 African countries attend this seminar, including leaders of radio and television regulatory authorities and national TV stations of Angola, Benin, Botswana, Togo, Burundi, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea, Ghana, Gabon and so on. There are also representatives from the Ministry of Culture of PRC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department, Beijing Municipal Bureau Of Radio, Film and Television (BRFT), Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, the Export-Import Bank of China, China-Africa Development Fund, China Minsheng Bank and other financial institutions, as well as domestic mainstream media and senior experts in broadcasting and television from Europe and America. In total 186 people represent in this seminar.

Assistant to the Minister of Culture and also the Director General of Industry Division, Mr Liu Yuzhu gives his warmest welcome to the African guests. He said, over the years, with wide horizons and developing spirits, StarTimes has been adhering to devote itself to the development of pragmatic cooperation, giving full play to the leading role as the national cultural industry demonstration base. StarTimes has established digital TV networks throughout 12 African countries, participated in a number of dubbing and translating Chinese TV programs which have enhanced the quality of African people’s cultural life, fulfilled the wish to make common African people be able to buy TV, watch TV and enjoy digital life. I believe culture enterprises like StarTimes will continue to innovate and go abroad, to serve better in Sino-Africa cultural communications, to make the life better for African people. We sincerely welcome African friends to cooperate with us, to build more connections in cultural industries.

Mr. Chi Jianxin, president of China-Africa Development Fund, said in his speech, the African Digital TV Seminar held by StarTimes has become an important platform for the digital TV cooperation between China and African countries. So far, China-Africa Development Fund has provided 220 million USD for StarTimes in terms of equity and loans in its digital TV projects in Africa and we will continue to support StarTimes in cooperating with African countries to develop digital TV technology, to serve better for African people.

Mr. Zhang Miao, the vice president of Beijing Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department, Mr. Ma Yan, Deputy Governor of the Export-Import Bank of China Beijing Branch, Madam Martine Conde, Chairman of Guinea National Information Committee, and Gabriel Muthisse, president of Ministry of Transport and Communication of Mozambique also gave their passionate speeches. They highly praised the fruitful achievements of StarTimes made in the field of digital television, hoping to carry out more extensive cooperation with StarTimes in the field of digital television.

Chairman of StarTimes Group Mr Pang Xinxing delivered a keynote speech ‘Digitalization of Broadcasting&TV and the establishment of its industrial environment”. He said ‘On the basis of the previous three sessions, this seminar through thorough discussion  and combining the joint wisdom, a development model to realize the digitalization in Africa will be found, laying a reference for each country to establish a healthy and vibrant industrial environment in the digital TV era.’

During the two days’ seminar, StarTimes has specially invited many strategic partners from Europe and the US, presenting the latest developed next-generation multi-service platform and the terminal products to the guests, and signed some Cooperation Agreement and MOU with African countries.

Till now, StarTimes has registered companies in 23 African countries and launched the digital TV operation in 12 countries. The total investment amounts to 400million USD and over 4 million subscribers have been developed. We have become the fastest growing and the most influential digital TV operator in Africa.

At the moment, StarTimes is carrying 320 channels on its platform, among which 20 channels are produced by itself. The annual fresh contents are 20,000 hours. StarTimes’ African new headquarter and the TV&Movie translation base will be constructed and put into use by the end of 2015.

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