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Digital Television Promotes Social Development------The 5th African Digital TV Development Seminar is officially begun 2015-06-09 00:00:00   source:

On June 9th, 2015, StarTimes’ 5th African Digital TV Development Seminar is officially begun in Tianjin, China. Leaders of Broadcasting & TV Administrations, heads of national TV stations from 29 countries like Nigeria, Tanzania, Guinea, Kenya, Mozambique, Cote d'Ivoire, Uganda, Zambia, the Republic of Congo, Togo, Sudan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and leaders from Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, State Administration of Radio Film and Television,Beijing Municipal, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing Cultural Bureau attend the meeting together with leaders of financial institutions like Export-Import Bank of China, China-Africa Development Fund, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation as well as the main media from China and Africa, besides senior experts from broadcasting & TV industry of Europe and America. The total number of attendance is 119.

Mr. Liu Yuzhu, Party Member and minister assistant of Ministry of Culture initially expresses warm congratulations to the opening of this seminar on behalf of Ministry of Culture of China and extends sincere welcome to all the guests. He points out that in recent years the communications and cooperation between China and African countries in politics, economy, culture, and technology have been furthered gradually, particularly in the cultural areas where great achievements are achieved. This has not only created a dynamic situation of equal importance towards cultural exchange and commercial trades, but also interpreted and communicated the Chinese culture and the strategy of peaceful development to the utmost. StarTimes elaborates the leading role as the national demonstration base of cultural industry to the full extent and sets up the digital TV network across 22 African countries, having become one of the most influential digital TV operators and playing a positive role in terms of promoting brilliant ancient Chinese culture, facilitating the cultural exchange between China and African countries, as well as improving the living standard of African people. He believes that cultural enterprises like StarTimes will play a more influential role, with more responsibility.

In addition, he notes that the key of the development sustainability of the world economy lies at seeking development while opening up and carrying out win-win through cooperation. All having long histories and brilliant civilizations, China and African countries possess profound base and great potential for developing cultural industry. With the interdependence among all the countries deepening, we should seize the development opportunity of cultural industry, expand the communications and cooperation of the cultural enterprises in many countries, actively carry out cultural trade and promote the international competiveness of cultural industry. He hopes that all countries can compose a new chapter of cultural cooperation and communications between China and African countries, taking the cooperation of cultural industry as the opportunity.

Mrs. Martine Conde, president of National News Committee of Guinea, points out that China has been always taking solid measures to help Africa for a better development. Many competitive companies like StarTimes strive to meet the needs of African development and share valuable experience with African countries. Under the background of digital development, Guinea wishes to face up difficulties and challenges together with friends from China, hand in hand, actively carrying out the digital migration as soon as possible.

Mr. Chishimba Kambwili, Minister of News Department of Zambia, notes that it is worth appraising that China adopts the notion of win-win cooperation, considering that China is a rather advanced country in terms of information and communications, Internet, digital TV broadcasting, as well as education, culture, healthcare. Valuing the long-term friendship all the time, Guinea sincerely hopes to share talents and experience in various areas, draw on all the wisdom, as well as create an information society together with China. He notes that the digital migration in Guinea is in process, expanding from cities towards the country site, with the contract between StarTimes and Zambia signed last year. Zambia will carry out this great career with the aid of StarTimes in the future.

In addition, leaders from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Beijing Economic and Technological Zone, Export-Import Bank, China-Africa Development Fund and China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation all address the seminar warmly.

Pang Xinxing, chairman of STarTimes Group, addresses the theme speech, Digital TV Promotes the Social Development, at the seminar. He notes that June 2015 is the expiration date of switching off analog TV, which is regulated by Information and Technology Unit (ITU). It is of great importance for STarTimes to call up the guests from China and African countries and talk about the opportunities and development in Africa brought about by digital TV. Digitalization can provide subscribers better experience of higher clarity, more abundant content and more viewing convenience. Thanks to the social development, informationization, networking and videoing are the inevitable trends of the future. StarTimes will help Africa establish a new Broadcasting & TV industry in the process of the digitalization of program sources, broadcasting and controlling systems, transferring network and user terminals. With strong technological strength and abundant experience, StarTimes is confident to promote broadcasting & TV industry of Africa for furthering economic development.

On the afternoon of June 9th, Jörg Daubitzer, Operational Officer of DFL Sports, one of the subsidiaries of Bundesliga, signs the contract of exclusive broadcasting right of Bundesliga for the next successive five years, from 2015 to 2020. Subscribers of StarTimes will be able to view brilliant Bundesliga matches of 36 teams, including Super Bowl and Extra Match of Upgrading and Downgrading. Each season will involve 300 matches. On the same afternoon of June 9th , STarTimes also signs a contract with American Discovery Communications in terms of channels, content and brand, after which subscribers of StarTimes  can watch Discovery Science, a education and entertainment channel of superior quality, and Eurosports News.

STarTimes has registered companies in 28 countries to date, and got digital TV operated in 16 countries. With more than five million users, StarTimes has become the most influential and fastest digital TV operator. Currently StarTimes’ channel platform has 350 channels, 21 of which are run by StarTimes itself, with the annual renewal amount being 20,000 hours. In addition, the African headquarter of STarTimes and Film & TV Dubbing Base will be built up and available by 2016.


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