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StarTimes(Rwandan) has donated materials to survivors of the Rwandan Genocide for eight years 2016-05-01 00:00:00   source:

On April 29th, all StarTimes(Rwandan) employees went to the commemoration of the genocide in the Eastern Province of Rwanda to commemorate the events and donated a number of supplies to the Holocaust survivors to help them improve their lives.

To the Holocaust memorial in the Gatsby area of Eastern Province of Rwanda, where the remains of some 14,000 people were buried. StarTimes' staff shared with the local people the flowers of the victims' cemetery.

On 7 April 1994, an appalling genocide in Rwanda resulted in the loss of life of some one million people in 100 days. Only 11 of the 14,000 people in the area were rescued and six survived and are still living there.

Claudini is one of the survivors, she told reporters in 1994 when she was 12 years old, she and her family have been attacked, and then the murderer thrown her into a 13-meter deep pit. When the rescuers looking for the victims of the blood to find the pit, she and several other people found alive, rescued them, her family was all killed.

Survivor Di Udonidhi said in the narrative, when he was 22 years old, the whole family, only one of his survivors, and murderers are their neighbors, when these murderers returned to the village, came to his request Forgive, he chose to forgive and accept. "They are guilty of making a lot of mistakes," he said. "They have made me lose their loved ones, but they have already accepted the punishment, so I can not make mistakes and do not forgive and accept them. We still live in a village and even share food."

"Although it took 22 years, the survivors still need some psychological and life-saving help," said Masseide, chairman of the Abisarra organization responsible for the Holocaust survivors, at a donation ceremony. Cement, paint and other building materials, which makes us very moved, because with these materials we can help survivors repair houses, improve the living environment.Not only the survivors, all of us can feel the Chinese enterprises to our concern and stand by.

According to StarTimes(Rwandan) CEO Jingyu Chang introduced in 1994 for genocide in the families of the victims and survivors has been the StarTimes support the initiative to assume social responsibilities, set up in Rwanda in 2008 StarTimes(Rwandan) since, each year from April to July 100 days anniversary years, StarTimes will be a different way for them to provide the necessary help and support, it has been adhered to for eight years.

"Similar donation activities will continue without interruption, because we are not just Chinese enterprises in Rwanda, but also sincere friends linked to the destiny of the people of Rwanda," he said.

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