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Wang Yang in foreign trade research work in Beijing, Site visits ST and other enterprises 2016-03-26 00:00:00   source:

Wang Yang, vice premier of the State Council, investigated foreign trade in Beijing from 23 to 24. He stressed that China's import and export down the current great pressure, but the foreign trade comprehensive competitive advantage still exists, the traditional development of kinetic energy there is room for improvement, the new development momentum is accelerating the formation of innovation has become the main driving force for foreign trade development. We must maintain the strength, firm confidence, earnestly implement this year's "government work report" deployment, do everything possible to steady growth, concentrate on structural adjustment, and strive to stabilize the import and export and upgrading.

Wang Yang on-site inspection of the Beijing financial information technology company, the BOE StarTimes Group three companies, a detailed understanding of business and import and export situation, and hosted a forum to listen to the Beijing municipal government and part of the enterprise Opinions and suggestions. He pointed out that in the face of severe and complicated import and export situation, we should closely focus on the two objectives of steady growth and structural adjustment, take measures to implement it, and firmly curb the momentum of declining imports and exports to support the steady growth of the national economy.

Wang Yang stressed that structural adjustment, promote transformation is the current steady growth of foreign trade is the driving force, but also the long-term development of foreign trade is the fundamental way out. We must adhere to the principle of stability and stability, and strive to promote structural reform in the supply side of foreign trade and accelerate the development of new advantages in foreign trade development. First, we should vigorously support the export of brand products, support enterprises to take the road of high quality and higher prices, improve the quality of export products, grades and added value. Second, we must speed up the cultivation of new foreign trade pillar industries, strengthen industry, trade, international capacity cooperation and other policy cohesion, to achieve new and old development of kinetic energy conversion. Third, we should vigorously support business model innovation, to promote cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area construction, strengthen the "overseas warehouse" layout, support the healthy development of foreign trade service platform. Fourth, we must vigorously develop trade in services, establish and improve the management system with the international rules of convergence, and promote policies, statistical system, service system. Fifth, we must vigorously create a law-based, international, business environment to facilitate and increase investment efforts to simplify the examination and approval procedures to improve the transparency of policies and regulations, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of foreign-invested enterprises.

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