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President Koroma of Sierra Leone met Pang Xinxing in Beijing 2016-11-30 00:00:00   source:

November 30.President Koroma of Sierra Leone met with Pang Xinxing, president of StarTimes Group in Beijing, and held talks.
Pang Xinxing said, ST has now helped many countries in Africa successfully completed the entire digital television, the whole area of digital TV has a wealth of experience and strong strength. For a long time, StarTimes has been with the Sierra Leone government has maintained close contact, the Sierra Leone information and communications minister also went to Beijing in June this year to participate in the StarTimes hosted by the sixth African Digital TV Development Forum.StarTimes hopes to strengthen cooperation with Sierra Leone in the digital broadcasting, for the early completion of the Sierra Leone national digital turn to make its own contribution to the public to enjoy the good of digital television.

President Koroma expressed his affirmation of the strength of StarTimes in the field of digital TV and said that the current task of digital TV in Sierra Leone is very urgent and is willing to strengthen cooperation with all parties to realize the digital TV transformation in Sierra Leone as soon as possible. At the same time, he also suggested that StarTimes can be based on the actual situation in Sierra Leone to carry out preliminary research work, and look forward to the two sides as soon as possible cooperation.

After the meeting, Pang Xinxing also presented to Koroma his own paper-cut painting. After seeing the perfect flawless presentation of Chinese traditional paper-cutting art, President Koroma was very pleased and asked about the details.

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