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StarTimes successfully obtained the Pakistan DTH license 2016-11-24 00:00:00   source:

Pakistan local time at 4:00 on November 24, after 15 hours of intense bidding, StarTimes successfully obtained the Pakistan DTH license. This is the first satellite TV license issued by the government of Pakistan and the first satellite TV license granted by ST in the Asian countries, which is of strategic importance to the overseas market expansion of StarTimes.

In order to improve the Pakistani domestic digital TV operation market, in September 2015 Pakistan electronic media regulatory bureau officially announced that Pakistan's first satellite TV license for open tender. More than 30 local and international companies, including StarTimes Group, Pakistan's local media giant GEO and the Russian media giant GS Group, took part in the bidding. StarTimes in the fierce competition, based on the actual situation in Pakistan, and actively optimize the bidding program, put forward a number of Pakistan's digital television industry to promote the development of an important role in the measures, the tender was unanimously affirmed, and ultimately from more than 30 companies stand out.

Since 2003, StarTimes has been expanding its market in Pakistan, and the company has attached great importance to the project. For more than ten years, the relevant departments of the company have visited and negotiated with the relevant government departments. Through the continuous efforts of all parties, with its strong technical strength And operational capacity, as well as to help countries in Africa to complete digital TV broadcasting the whole turn of experience, StarTimes eventually recognized by the Pakistani government. The satellite TV license to obtain, means StarTimes in the Asian market to achieve a great breakthrough, with a milestone significance.
It is reported that Pakistan's digital TV business is not yet perfect, the public demand for high-definition digital TV urgent. StarTimes will be based on a wealth of digital TV operating experience, and actively carry out related businesses in Pakistan, the Pakistani people to bring high-definition smooth digital TV services to improve the spiritual and cultural needs of the rich people.

China and Pakistan have deep friendship, and the two countries have maintained close cultural exchanges. StarTimes program platform has more than 440 international well-known channel, China's mainstream media channels and StarTimes own channel. With the StarTimes program platform in Pakistan, a large number of Chinese drama will be for the people of Pakistan to further understand China to open a window to consolidate and deepen the traditional friendship between the two peoples to create more favorable conditions.
The future, StarTimes will also give full play to " the Belt and Road," along the broad market prospects of countries, and actively in countries along the Asian countries in particular the development of digital TV operations, and strive to expand the digital TV market, help these countries digital TV industry, promote economic development and social progress.

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