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The Grand Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of TVM’s Program Production Center was Held 2017-10-30 00:00:00   source:
  On October 30th of local time, the foundation stone laying ceremony of State Television of Mozambique (TVM)’s program production center which was built by StarTimes Group was held in Maputo,the capital of Mozambique. Over 100 people attended this ceremony, including Mr. Carlos Miskita, Minister of Transport and Communications of Mozambique,Mr. Su Jian, Ambassador of China to the Republic of Mozambique,Ms. Ema Chicoco, Chairman of the Board of Mozambique's National Communications Authority ,Mr. Jaime Cuambe, Director of the National TV station in Mozambique,Mr. Liang Mu,authorized representative of StarTimes Group ,local government officials,state television leaders,and project team members,etc. TVM and local mainstream media conducted a live coverage of the event. 
the foundation stone laying ceremony of State Television of Mozambique’s program production center 
Mozambique's digital TV migration project contracted to StarTimes Group includes the construction of digital television transmission  network, the digitization of broadcasting and television, and the digital terminal. The total duration of the project is 18 months.  The project of TVM’s program production center is an important part of the project. It is located in the state television station in the capital of Mozambique ,Maputo,with a building area of 5200 square meters. The building covers such functions as studio, program production and offices. It will greatly enhance the program production level of Mozambique national television.
Design sketch of TVM’s program production center
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