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The Speaker of the Mozambican Parliament Received StarTimes President Mr. Pang Xinxing 2018-04-19 00:00:00   source:

On April 14 of local time, the Speaker of the Mozambican Parliament, Ms. Veronica Macamo received StarTimes President Mr. Pang Xinxing. Ms. Macamo warmly welcomed Mr. Pang and had a friendly conversation with him on China-Africa cooperation project “Access to Satellite TV for 10,000 African Villages”.

The Speaker of the Mozambican Parliament Veronica Macamo  received  StarTimes President Mr. Pang Xinxing

Mr. Pang claimed that Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed “providing satellite TV receptions to 10,000 African villages” on 2015 Johannesburg Summit of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. StarTimes, as the exclusive company responsible for the implementation of the project, would provide digital TV services to 10,112 African villages in total, which includes 500Mozambican villages. When the the project is completed, said Mr. Pang, even the villagers in remote areas of Mozambique can watch the TV programs of Mozambique National Television.

Ms. Macamo expressed her sincere thanks to the project, and she believed that the significant project would greatly benefit Mozambican people and enhance the friendship between the two countries. Meanwhile, Ms. Macamo said that as the old friend of StarTimes, she visited StarTimes Beijing HQ last year, which impressed her deeply, and she would try her best to help StarTimes to bring benefit to the Mozambican people.

The Speaker of the Mozambican Parliament Veronica Macamo Visited the StarTimes Play-out Center

The conversation filling with affectionate friendship between China and Mozambique was concluded in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. Ms. Macamo and Mr. Pang gave each other presents and had a group photo then.

Ms. Macamo gave present to Mr. Pang

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