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StarTimes “Nigerian in China 3”started shooting in Guangzhou 2018-04-25 00:00:00   source:

 One of the best self-produced programs “Nigerian in China 3”on StarTimes’Hausa channel started shooting in Guangzhou city, south of China on April 21.

The program “Nigerian in China 3”will be shot started with the story of a Nigerian girl named Saima Muhammad Dukku. Saima, 26 years old, became attached to China owing to the first Hausa dubbing contest organized by StarTimes. Saima took part in StarTimes first Hausa dubbing contest in July, 2017, and she finally won the contest and obtained the chance of coming to Beijing for work by her rich dubbing experiences and wonderful performances.

As a dubbing actress of StarTimes’Hausa channel, Saima made another challenge to participate in the beauty contest“Miss Mama Africa”sponsored by StarTimes in Guangzhou. She shared her opinion about “beauty “in the climax part of the contest—talk show. Saima said that her participating in the contest aimed at showing the real Nigerian female’s beauty to China and other Africans. “This kind of beauty is not confined to the outward beauty, but comes from the internal beauty “, she added. Saima’s cheerful and confident personality  impressed audiences deeply.

 The first season of the self-produced program “Nigerian in China “was broadcasted on StarTimes Hausa channel in 2015, which focused on the Nigerians working hard in China, displaying every aspects of life including studying, working, and even love story in China. The first two seasons of the program received warm welcome from the audience, especially local people of Nigeria. The third season will constantly center on the Nigerian dream catchers in China.

More wonderful stories will be on “Nigerian in China 3 ”.


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