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StarTimes President Pang Xinxing honored as “Unicorn Creative Award”leading talent 2018-05-08 00:00:00   source:

 The third Unicorn Creative Award Ceremony was held in Yizhuang, national economic development zone of China on the afternoon of May, 4th, The results came out that 137 excellent talents from all walks of life in Yizhuang were listed. Startimes President Pang Xinxing was honored as the leading talent and attended the award ceremony.

Opening of the third Unicorn Creative Award Ceremony

Startimes President Pang Xinxing accepted the award and gave the speech. He talked about the reason why Startimes went abroad and started business in Africa, “Startimes was founded in 1988,when I went to Africa for the first time in 2002, I found everything in Africa was so beautiful, especially the ecological environment there is fairly good. However, the TV signal in most of the African countries was very poor. At that time, I decided to bring StarTimes services into Africa, and make any efforts to enable every African family to afford Digital TV, have access to Digital TV, watch good Digital TV, and enjoy the beauty of Digital TV,”Mr. Pang said.

Mr. Pang accepted the award

Startimes not only brought advanced technology, good signal of Digital TV, and wonderful Chinese TV programs to Africa, but also brought China’s sincere friendship there. Startimes will take the honor of unicorn leading talents as an important stimulation, and will make constant efforts to promote China-Africa cultural communication.

Mr. Pang was interviewed by Yizhuang Shixun, etc. after the award ceremony.

“Unicorn “means the brilliant talents , which not only appraises the talents with both ability and political integrity , but also indicates that Yizhuang seeks talents with great eagerness. The activity was hosted by Daxing district government and Yizhuang economic development zone government, including three sections: “missions”, “oaths”, and “innovation”, which aimed at commending excellent talents who made brilliant contributions in the field of High-Tech and public services. There are totally 667“Unicorn” leading talents have been awarded since the first activity was held in 2016. As the new entrants of the activity, nine leading talents as representatives accepted the award, including Mr. Chen Wei, vice president of Mercedes-Benz, Mr. Hu Kaiwen, doctor of Dongfang Hospital, Mr. Pang Xinxing, Startimes President, Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit, AITC.

Award ceremony rang down the curtain

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