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Chairman Pang Xinxing's Speech on the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of StarTimes 2018-10-19 00:00:00   source:

 Dear colleagues of StarTimes,

Good afternoon!
Today, we get together here to celebrate the 30th birthday of StarTimes, review our development history, and open a new journey to the future. My speech today is divided into three parts: reviewing the past, appreciation and looking to the future.
I.Reviewing the past
On the same day 30 years ago, StarTimes was born in Qinhuangdao City. After 30 years of development, StarTimes has experienced tremendous changes and grown from small to large. Standing here today to share this great day with everyone, I’m filled with all sorts of emotions and the past time is still vivid before my eyes. 
At the early stage of business, StarTimes had no resources, no connections, no experience. Adhering to the spirit of hard work, we strived to learn and work hard. One order by order, on province by province, we gradually opened up the market. Thanks to the spirit of persistence, StarTimes has created several NO.1s in the Chinese broadcasting and TV industry, including in the areas of adjacent frequency cable TV, analog fiber system, IP backbone ring network, software development, etc.. StarTimes’ business operate in more than 20 provinces and cities, with more than 200 customers and more than 7 million users. The "video supermarket" system and the "next-generation multi-service platform" and other multi-service business are leading the broadcasting industry in China and the world. The accumulation of this period has not only formed a corporate culture of “customer-centered, struggle-oriented, persistence in innovation, integrity, diligence, dedication”, but also preliminarily established the vision of “becoming media group with global influence”. It has laid an important and solid foundation for us to go abroad and advance overseas.
In 2002, StarTimes went abroad to Africa and began to expand overseas markets. In 2007, we obtained the first operating license in Rwanda, officially opening a new journey for the investment, construction and operation of digital TV network in Africa. In the past ten years, we have built the world's largest heterogeneous network platform across continents, countries and networks, and created a content generation mechanism integrating program integration, program translation and program production. We have set up an international, localized and professional team, with business in 37 countries in Africa and more than 20 million users. It has become a comprehensive multinational media group. We can proudly say that in the past 30 years, StarTimes has continuously made breakthroughs, winning the recognition of the Chinese and African governments, the love of customers, the appreciation of partners and the respect of competitors, and writing a brilliant and unforgettable history of struggle.
In these 30 years, we have gone through a development path of “Never give up, and strive to advance”! In the past 30 years, the setbacks that we have had experienced, the difficulties we have had overcome, and the crises that had been resolved cannot be expressed by numbers. We have experienced the downturn brought about by the financial crisis, the helplessness brought about by the depreciation of the currency, the uncertainty of the African market and the unscrupulous means of the competitors, as well as the Ebola outbreak and the chaos caused by war in Central Africa Republic. But no matter what, we always stay true to our mission and never give up. In the spirit of persistence, we are unswervingly moving toward our established goals. 
In these 30 years, we have gone through a road of brave people who are "innovative and constantly breaking through"! During the 15 years in Africa, we have grown from nobody to the fastest-growing and most influential digital TV operator, forming a strategic situation of tripartite confrontation with the Naspers and Vivendi Group. Apart from that, we founded the African Digital TV Development Seminar, created the digital migration model, undertook the great project of “Provide Satellite TV Access to 10,000 African Villages”, and held the highly acclaimed dubbing contest, the film and television exhibition season, the movie caravan to the countryside, etc. we have become a progressive force full of vigor and vitality in the African media field.
In these 30 years, we have gone through the road of glory of "international vision, everyone's feelings"! No matter how the market changes, no matter how perilous the situation is, our vision of “enabling every African family to afford digital TV, watch digital and enjoy digital TV” remains unchanged. It is us who ended the era in Africa when watching TV is the privilege of just a few rich people; it is us who pushed for the development of African radio and television from analog to digital; it is us who opened up a window for African people to understand the world and understand China; it is us who brought the advanced technology, products and services to Africa and enable the African people to join us in sharing the beauty of digital TV! It can be said that we are engaged in a great and noble cause that promotes the development of African society.
II.Thinking of the Present
Looking back on the last 30 years, I can say that we seized the chance when it came. Without China’s economic success and the friendship between China and Africa, StarTimes wouldn’t be what it is now. But more importantly, I honestly think that it’s everyone who’s present or working at our overseas branches, and all our diligent, hard-working colleagues who make StarTimes a great company.
On this 30th anniversary of the founding of StarTimes, I want to first thank all of our colleagues. Thank you for choosing StarTimes, and devoting yourselves to the company and our cause. Thank you for trusting and supporting StarTimes every time the company has gone through a rough time.
Secondly, I want to especially thank those pioneers at our overseas branches. Your work separates you from your homes, from your families. You have to face all manner of challenges. Each time I’ve been to Africa, I’ve seen or heard of our colleagues who have fallen ill. Many of them couldn’t be there when their children were born, and couldn’t spend as much time as they would’ve liked to with their children. I want to say, these men and women are the greatest treasure StarTimes possesses. I will never forget, and StarTimes will never forget, all they’ve done.
Thirdly, I want to give my special thanks to all of our foreign co-workers both at our headquarters and at our overseas branches. Thank you for joining us, and creating a more diversified and lively company culture. Your unique wisdom and intelligence has helped us facilitate and advance our business overseas. You’ve truly helped us obtain and grow our market share in Africa. I believe that in the future our company will become more internationalized and localized. And we earnestly hope that we can see more foreign faces in management and throughout the company.
Furthermore, StarTimes will never forget the colleagues who used to work for us. We will never forget our partners, our users and all the leaders, comrades and friends who have supported and cared for StarTimes. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you.
III. Looking to the future
Looking into the past allows us to build an even better future. The past three decades, and all the achievements we have made during them, have become our history. As Chinese President Xi Jinping said: "Wherever you go, you cannot forget the path you have traveled; however bright your future might be, you cannot forget the past, and why you set off in the first place."
Regardless of how things might change and how our strategies may evolve in the future, we will not forget the purpose of our business in Africa. We will not forget our great vision: “becoming a globally influential media group”, as this is what has driven StarTimes to set foot overseas, and what motivates us to develop our business.
On this 30th anniversary of StarTimes, we are again standing at a turning point. Digitization, informatization, cyberization, and intelligentization are like surging waves reshaping our society. This is the result of technological reforms and it has brought us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For StarTimes, grasping this opportunity is the key to becoming a world-class media group.
Admittedly, challenges are oftentimes opportunities in disguise. StarTimes is currently experiencing some difficulties. The severe economic downturn is sweeping the whole world, and is impacting StarTimes to a certain extent. I believe that most of our colleagues have felt its impact. But rest assured that this downturn is but a “growing pain”, and I know that we will make it through this “winter” better off and more victoriously than other enterprises.
30 years isn’t a short time; it marks a milestone in the quest for a better future. 30 years isn’t a long time, because our rich heritage will steer us to greater heights against all odds. I believe in the near future, StarTimes will make a major breakthrough by becoming the world’s leading media group with global impact, with 10 million subscribers, and over hundreds of billions in market value. 
Last but not least, I would like to again thank you all for your contributions to StarTimes. In the meantime, I hope everyone will firmly believe that together we can and we will realize even bigger dreams and make an even bigger impact!
Thank you all!
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