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The First Pan Africa Online Film Festival(PAOFF) Awards Ceremony Ended Successfully 2019-09-10 00:00:00   source:

On September 6, local time, the PAOFF award ceremony ended successfully in Lagos, Nigeria.

The full name of PAOFF is the Pan-African Internet Film Festival. It was the first international Internet film festival created on the African continent to encourage the development of the local film and music industry. PAOFF is sponsored by StarTimes, and all professional film and music film producers in Africa can participate in the selection. The festival features a public list of the best movie rankings, best short film rankings, and best MV rankings. The ranking is based on the final results voted by fans who could watch the movies through the free online viewing channel and then vote in voting system of the online streaming platform StarTimes ON.

The three major awards in this PAOFF setting: Best Film Award, Best Short Film Award, and Best MV Award were announced on the evening of the award ceremony. The three works of "Dirty Attorney", "Destiny Hunters" and "Your Power" won the laurels respectively, and the works ranking 2-10 were also awarded the most favorite prizes.

Best Film Award:

Best Short Film Award:


Best MV Award:


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