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Local Newspapers in Mozambique Reported the Progress of the Country's Digitalization of Radio and Television Project 2019-11-09 00:00:00   source:

On November 7th, Jornal Notícias, the largest by circulation and most influential newspaper in Mozambique reported the progress of the digitalization of radio and television in Mozambique for a whole page. The reporter interviewed the chairman of TMT, Victor MBebe. Chairman MBebe commented on the significance of the project, “From the analogous signals system to digital signals system, the project allows TV signals to be transmitted to areas where the service was previously unavailable.”

Mbebe said Mozambique’s National Television Station will have studios for producing high-definition digital programs thanks to the project. At present, among 10 provincial TV studios in the project, 7 have been digitalized, and 90% of the equipment has been installed. Mbebe also said that in order to speed up the process of digitalization, it is expected that a publicity campaign will be launched from next month, when there will be an officially confirmed national distributor to supply set-top boxes of digital TV in all regions of the country.


The delivery of the national radio and television digitalization project in Mozambique will realize the comprehensive digitization of Mozambique's radio and television from production, transmission to terminal reception, which is a milestone for Mozambique as a whole, marking the new stage of information construction in Mozambique, and helping Mozambicans to enjoy digital TV.

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