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StarTimes always places its responsibility on society in intimate contact with its own development. Whether it was in China or in Africa, whether refers to the group or an ordinary employee, each of them cherishes a heart of gratitude. They do their best to contribute to the development of human society.

StarTimes is a media group combination of analog technology, IP network technology and digital television technology, which is also a high-tech enterprise certified by the state with a number of digital television products and technologies, patents and software copyrights.

From SD, HD digital set-top boxes to PVR set-top boxes that support program reservation and real-time video recording; from watching digital TV shows to demanding your favorite programs in "video supermarket"; from traditional TV sets to the integrated digital TVs, StarTimes is always making better products to help more people enjoy the wonderful world.

StarTimes believes everyone has the right to enjoy digital TV. As the social and political environment has gradually stabilized and the economy is developing in Africa, more and more people have the demand for radio and TV. Under this background, StarTimes came to Africa with its advanced technology and more than 20 years’experience.

To enable every African family to afford digital TV, to watch digital TV, and to enjoy digital TV, StarTimes has established wireless digital TV platform in many African countries and will invest in mobile TV service platform and Internet business platform in the near future. It not only brings the most advanced technology into Africa, but also radically changes the backward condition in its broadcasting and information sector, and help it step into the wireless digital age.

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