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August 26, 2008, with the successful holding of the opening ceremony of our first project in Rwanda, StarTimes opened the prelude of its DTV operation in Africa. Subsequently, Guinea, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Central Africa and other projects have been completed and put into trial operation.

StarTimes has combined satellite communication technology with terrestrial wireless digital TV technology to construct its digital PTV operation platform. Therefore the subscribers of StarTimes can watch colorful programs without installing satellite dishes; besides, the image is quite clear and weatherproof. To facilitate the subscribers to buy StarTimes, we have tried our best to build business halls and developed dealers in every region, to provide convenience for our clients in terms of opening account, consulting, and recharging.

Besides, in order to enable our subscribers to truly enjoy digital TV, StarTimes has fully taken the specific situation of African clients into account, both in pricing and the choice of programs. We have prepared several program bouquets to meet the needs of different people, which includes local, international content, as well as our self-produced Chinese, English and French channels.

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