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3D digital TVs gain mass-market appeal, says Panasonic chief 2011-02-24 00:00:00   source: Cable.co.uk

Digital TV sets offering 3D capabilities are attracting "early mass-market" appeal, according to Panasonic's chief technology officer.

Speaking to TechRadar, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki said manufacturers shipped more than two million 3D TV sets in North America just nine months after they hit the market.

"This is a significant milestone," he remarked. "It means we have already surpassed what I call the laserdisc threshold.

"We have already taken 3D from geekdom to an early mass market."

Mr Tsuyuzaki went on to compare the progress of the technology to the rollout of high-definition (HD) TV. When this innovation first became available, less than half a million HD-enabled sets were sold in five years.

He added 3D has so far proven popular with young families and gamers, as well as "affluent videophiles".

His comments come just days after rival tech giant Samsung revealed it expects to sell ten million 3D TVs in 2011, the Associated Press reported.

The company sold two million of these sets last year.

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