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39 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America conspiracy digital TV development plan 2016-06-24 00:00:00   source: The Chinese news

The 6th African Digital TV Development Forum opened in Beijing on 23nd June, Representatives of the broadcasters from 39 countries gathered to discuss the future development of digital TV in Africa and to provide decision-making for African countries to formulate digital development plans and industrial policies.

On the day of the forum to "universal digital TV, smooth enjoy the wisdom of life" as the theme, around the realization of digital radio and television mode, the popularity of digital television and intelligent life issues such as in-depth discussion. Participants in the forum included officials from 35 African countries including Nigeria, Tanzania, Guinea and Kenya, 3 Asian countries, and 1 Latin American country, the State Administration of Radio and Television

As the forum organizers of the StarTimes Group is committed to achieving the African countries of the digital radio and television. Up to now, it has established subsidiaries in 30 African countries and started operations in some of them, with about 8 million subscribers, StarTimes has now become the fastest-growing and the most influential digital TV operator in Africa.

Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC, Director of the State Council Information Office, Mr. Jiang Jianguo delivering a speech in Forum, He said, In recent years, China-Africa relations have maintained a comprehensive and rapid development momentum, which is inseparable from the efforts of the Chinese and African media. StarTimes is an important force in media exchanges and cooperation between China and Africa, and it cooperates with African media to improve the service system so that digital TV will enter African homes. The people know China provides a window.

Jiang Jianguo mentioned, In the future, China will further strengthen China-Africa media exchange and cooperation platform building and personnel exchanges to encourage Chinese enterprises and the African media to deepen cooperation, efforts for the development of African digital media hardware equipment, business skills training, Which enjoys a better media digital services.

During the Forum, StarTimes and Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ethiopia, the three countries signed on satellite digital television landing. In the future, it will rely on coverage of the whole of the signal and network infrastructure in the three countries to carry out digital TV business. In addition, StarTimes also signed the agreement with the relevant parties on the purchase of Super League media rights for two years in sub-Saharan Africa.

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