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Project Background

NTA-STAR TV NETWORK LTD is a joint venture established by StarTimes and Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). The company aims to help Nigeria realize the digital TV conversion within five years. The first phase of the project (Abuja, Lagos, and Kano) has been basically completed. It began trial operation since March 1, 2010 and a grand official launching ceremony has been held on July 29, 2010 in Abuja.

Given the high access fee of satellite pay TV services, currently most people in Nigeria can only receive a limited number of analog TV programs with poor audio-visual quality. NTA-STAR TV NETWORK LTD commits itself to supplying high-quality and numerous digital TV programs to enable every family to enjoy digital TV, and to promote the progress of the whole society.

More than that, the company has been fully aware of the importance of integration for the overseas operation, it included many local channels (covering news, movies, sports, music, etc.) while programming, and absorbed a large number of local employees to play different important roles in the company. All the above are welcomed by the local people.

Project Progress

We have completed the construction of National DTV Center in Abuja and the construction of digital transmission stations in Abuja, Lagos and Kano. The project in Ibadan and Port Harcourt is under construction, which is estimated to be completed in December 2010. At present, everything has been progressing smoothly: 23 business offices have been set up and more than 500 dealers have been developed.

The company intends to carry out mobile TV services in 2011.

Opening ceremony of NTA-STAR TV NETWORK LTD

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