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To meet new business goals and development strategy, StarTimes entrust Landor Associate Inc. with a full range of brand consulting and design services in 2009; under this background, we have launched our new brand image.

The new brand inherits the original image of innovation, integrity and reliable quality, and also includes new elements, such as modern, dynamic, colorful and open, which means that based on our current technical strength, StarTimes will develop new businesses to meet different needs from the customers, and we would like to cooperate with both old and new customers to set up a wonderful future.

To be a global media group StarTimes will be an integrated group with the following advantages:
1) Wide digital TV transmission network
2) Reliable digital TV solution
3) Abundant digital TV programs
4) High-quality customer services
Living For Today,Building Tomorrow StarTimes is dedicated to build a colorful present, to make you enjoy and focus on today, and meanwhile, dream of a more fantastic future.
Logo design implication: 1) 4 parts reverse cycle shows four corners and eight sides, which means our development in the future will “extend in all directions”;
2) Take the shape of coin with the wishes of “Treasures fill the home”;
3) The shape of star in the center of the logo inherits the core style of company’s original logo, and corresponds to the name of our new brand ”StarTimes” ;
4) Gradient colors create a sense of space and a variety of color changes reflect the sense of future. All of these elements imply the new overseas media business of StarTimes will bring abundant programs and new experience to the customers.
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