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With the simple concept of creating value for society and customers, and a firm faith of revitalizing national industry, StarTimes experienced 28 years struggling for the continuing progress and development of the company. Today’s StarTimes has not only grown up as the most powerful system integrator, technology provider and network operator in radio and television industry in China, but also stepped abroad to operate a variety of integrated services in Africa covering digital TV, mobile TV, Internet and so on. Our overseas business opens a broader world for the sustainable development of the company.

China’s reforming and opening-up has created a good development environment for StarTimes; the speeding up of global digitalization has brought an unprecedented development opportunity for StarTimes; the solid team and warm help from society have provided a powerful driving force for the development of StarTimes. In a word, we have enjoyed all favorable conditions. Therefore, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all the colleagues for their wisdom and hard work, to all the friends who gave us help, and to our great mother land!

To be an influential global media group is StarTimes’ firm strategic objective; To enable every household to share the beauty brought by digital TV is our common desire. We’ll continually embody the concept of harmony and win-win, and the corporate culture of “Innovation, Integrity, Diligence and Devotion”, to contribute ourselves to the realization of our common dream!

The 28-year-old StarTimes is still very young but is already mature enough to pursue her goal. StarTimes has successful yesterday and today, and will be able to create a more brilliant future!

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