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Digital TV network investment and cooperation management is of great significance to the implementation of the development of radio and TV network companies. To this end, StarTimes has set up Investment Management Division, mainly responsible for domestic project investment and management, including project selection, feasibility demonstration, due diligence, negotiations, signing of joint venture / cooperation contracts, registration and management of the joint venture, and studying and planning on various operational models.
Currently, StarTimes’ investment and operating model has been widely recognized by the industry; through cooperation, operators have leaped to the forefront on management mechanism, operating experience, business scale, technology platform construction, value-added services and other related aspects. Besides, they have improved their capability of development in scale and of multi-services integrated operation. With the operation of a series of new services which have strong competitiveness such as the “Video Supermarket”, JV or cooperative operators are able to deal with the new challenge brought by the arrival of triple play and their operational performance will achieve a breakthrough increase.
StarTimes is fully prepared to welcome the arrival of "The post digital migration time" of cable digital TV and ready to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges. We will devote ourselves to create a broader future with our partners in the industry.
Progress of investment projects
  • In 2008: Establishing Yangquan Digital TV Co., Ltd. with Yangquan CATV Network Center.
  • In 2008: Signing of the Cooperation Agreement on NSVM Project with Gansu Broadcasting TV Network Transmission Co., Ltd.
  • In 2007: Signing of the Framework Agreement on NSVM Project with the Provincial Network and seven municipal network operators in Shandong.
  • In 2006: Establishing Hebei Broadcasting & TV Cable DTV Co., Ltd. with Tianjin Communication& Broadcasting Group and Hebei TV& Radio Network Co.
  • In 2006: Establishing Datong Digital TV Co., Ltd. with Datong Broadcasting & TV Network Center.
  • In 2004: lnvesting in Binzhou CATV operation business, founding Binzhou Broadcasting &TV Co., Ltd.
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