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As the development of tri-networks integration, Cable Operators begin to concentrate on simple, convenient and fast services and classification management on different subscribers and requirements. STARiBOSS can provide strong technology support and guarantee of analog television, digital television, pay channels, high-definition TV, interactive TV, broadband and data, and other value-added services.

·  Support “Parent company/ branch companies” and “parent company/subsidiaries”: multi-level management model including province level, city level, county level, enterprise level, etc.
·  Support multiple business modes with operator in leadership; realize management on partners and accounts settlement of multi-businesses.
·  Business bundling marketing: support order and promotions of multiple cross-business products.
· ITV: monthly subscription, PPV, times-limited view, free preview, and preferential service based on amount of usage.
·  Integrated access platform: Business halls\PC self-service\Call centers\Mobile\STB self-service\touch screen self-service
·  Unified payment platform: Business halls\Banks\Voucher platform\Mobile\Net pay.


·  Adopting international standards and advanced design principle, such as eTOM, SID, NGOSS etc., with the features of forward-looking, scientific and advance.
·  Closely following practical requirement of broadcasting section; with accumulation of rich experiences after ten years’ research, development and engineering practice, is capable to satisfy diversified personalized requirements.
Capability to support 10 millions of subscribers; with secure and stable system.
32 client cases; the BOSS manufacturer with the most new contracts in broadcasting sectors in China within the last three years.

Key cases:
 Startimes’ BOSS system was applied in Rwanda, Guinea, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Burundi, Central Africa, etc.div>
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