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StarTimes Business Operating Analysis system is a unified logical model of data warehouse based on mature intelligence products platform of Startimes in Broadcast and TV industry. This system can satisfy the specific requirements from different clients, and also develop appropriate strategies to provide strong marketing and customer support data protection for radio and television operators.
1. Business analysis reporting system

Based on the application functions, business analysis reporting system can automatically capture the required data or graphics in the reports in accordance with the requirements from the system. It can not only dynamically generate reports, but also achieve customized modification.

2. KPI forecasting report

KPI forecasting report helps operators find the variation and predict the future value of KPI through the historical data analysis, such as forecast the number of the Internet users to comprehensively examine the carrying capability of the equipment; forecast marketing situation in future through the historical sales analysis; get indicator trends by KPI forecasting analysis.

3. Unified business analysis platform

Unified business analysis platform is an overall control system, which is responsible for coordinating each module in operation to ensure the entire implementation and maintenance process of the business analysis system is completed automatically in accordance with the planned time and conditions.

4. Data mart system

Data mart system consists of three major components: data model and data, ETL processing and data market application. Data mart system can meet more customized and temporary analysis requirements and support precise marketing and flexible thematic analysis of each branch.

5. Business analysis safety management solution

Business analysis safety management solution provides a security system which combined common product with personalized service and management under the guidance of security policy. Based on the security management services such as security audit, security accident handling and training, it provides customers with the best oriented solutions.

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