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The platform is an interactive television business solution based on current conditions of broadcasting network operators in China. It is the best business form for solutions towards of trip-play (telecommunications networks, cable TV networks and the Internet) as well as rapid promotion of broadcasting networks’ core competence.
1、Oriented users Feature
Video on Demand
With rich program content on the platform, consumers can order their favorite content at anytime, such as classic movies, heat TV series, Encyclopedia programs, the arts and music, animation, etc.
Time delay & look back
Look back news and other content that you missed or want to watch again.
Information View
Accessible to all kinds of information at home: shopping, dining, fitness, travel, entertainment, home economics, education, health, road transport, electricity, heating, water supply, Online payment and transactions, etc.
Pre-Order & Push VOD
Using Internet space for program content storage, thereby reducing cost of program order
2、Oriented Operators Feature
Lower cost for network rectification; quick occupation of market
The platform supports both two-way interaction (CM, LAN, ADSL) and one-way outside interaction (SMS, call centers, websites), as it is in line with China's national conditions and can enhance operators’ competitiveness power under the “triple play" condition. Implementation of classification management will be beneficial for network integration. The platform enables paralleled management measures of multi-level unified management and personalized management for operators of provincial, city and county (district) level.
Various marketing measures to enhance users’ viscosity
Support bundle sales, discount points, all kinds of promotional activities, such as cell phones and prepaid card payments to attract customers, develop customer loyalty.
Flexible advertising
Supported EPG ads, menu ads and video advertising spots by time, geography, period and programs condition
Program copyright protection
CA based pre-scrambling copyright protection mechanisms solves the copyright issues, which can attract more and better programs from content providers.
Standardization and openness to enhance control
The platform supports ISA and NGOD standards to ensure openness of content, applications, equipments and terminal products.
Scalability of networks and terminals
Support connectivity for mobile phones and computers to the platform. Support IPQAM, IPTV, Internet and 3G networks.
3、Key Cases

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