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Platform Introduction

The uniform payment platform of Startimes is mainly included account management, payment management, billing management, partner management, statistical reporting, and public support and so on six major functions.

Business Structure

Uniform payment processing: Manage the information of payment, maintain the binding relationship between accounts and the smart card, and completed a unified payment processing to achieve the interface with various financial institutions docking in accordance with the payment request.

Account management: to manage the payment account information, maintaining binding relationship between accounts and the smart card, as well as the binding relationship between accounts and the bank card.

Settlement management: be responsible for finish the financial settlement and reconciliation of business systems and financial institutions, as well as a variety of billing rules configuration and maintenance

Statistical report: provide a variety of query and statistical reports reflect the functioning of payment systems

Partner Management: Be responsible for managing a variety of partners, including business systems and financial institutions. It can mainly provide the data management and partner self-service.

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