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StarTimes Call Center selects Mainstream voice hardware equipment to ensure user voice connects stability. StariCallCenter has integrated with STARiBOSS Ensure to support Multi-service and the traceable of business workflow.

General Feature

Customer Oriented Unified Customer Service(Call center、Business Hall、Web self service)
Evolution With STARiBOSS
Unified Manage Based on STARiBOSS
Support Multi-Service

Main Advantages

Use STARiCallCenter and STARiBOSS at same time can economize interface hardware server

STARiCallCenter brought convenient to operators and make the interface unit and the interface program more economical.

STARiCallCenter and STARiBOOS have unified after-sale service.

STARiCallCenter provide robust and scalable call center front-end access control

Use STARiCallCenter can standardize the business workflow.

Main Function Description

Support local and Distance Call Center Seats
Support translates to Manual Voice Service, auto queuing, friendly voice tip.

Report the failure: Repair the fault and track the progress and results of failure.

Business acceptance: STARiBOSS client software can be used depending on the requirements from different customers.

Telephone operator service check: Providing operator and customer call recording, real-time monitoring.

Call Center Platform Report: Providing a rich data report to testing the overall quality of service and the merits of the individual operator.

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