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Yangquan DTV business enjoys good development momentum 2011-01-07 00:00:00

Yangquan Digital TV Co., Ltd was jointly founded by StarTimes and Yangquan CATV Network Center in May 2008. In July the same year, it began the digital migration work and developed more than 100,000 digital TV subscribers.

Since the establishment of Yangquan Digital TV Co., Ltd, its business income raised from 30 million yuan to 50 million yuan. The cumulative number of subscribers has reached 170,000 up to the end of September, 2010. The basic renewals rate of DTV program remained above 85% .In the first three quarters, Yangquan Digital TV Company’s sales income has reached 54 million yuan, which is expected to achieve more than 60 million yuan by the end of 2010.  

Currently, Yuangquan DTV provides 135 digital programs, including 66 basic TV channels, 13 radio programs, 48 Pay TV channels and 8 high definition TV channels. Among them, pay TV programs, especially movies and sports genres, are very popular.

Regarding the value-added services, based on the existing forms, such as video on demand, information plaza and EPG advertising, the company has launched some new services since July 2010, for example, broadband broadcasting, TV e-commerce, HD service, etc.

With the enrichment of TV programs and the deployment of various services, Yangquan DTV has gradually become an indispensable family entertainment center in Yangquan city. The company will constantly meet the demand of the subscribers, and help them realize the change from watching TV to using TV.

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