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VOD is one of the key businesses of “video supermarket”. VOD is the abbreviation of Video on Demand, often referred to interactive TV. VOD system platform provides users with multi-media information, allow them to watch/listen to the audio or video content on demand.

According to the different business logic or service requirements, VOD platform can carry out a variety of different services, the definition of these VOD services is as follows:

Real-time VOD Users select the programs they want to watch, then send the demand to theheadend of the system, the headend will broadcast the content in no time.

Pre-order VOD (PVOD) Users can order the programs first, then the headend system will download the programs to users’ device equipped with storage capacity. Users can watch them instantaneously or in the future.

Push VOD System will download certain programs to user’s device in a certain period of time. Users can watch them instantaneously or in the future.

TV review (START OVER) Users can select a program being broadcast on TV, and re-watch it.

Time-Shift TV Users can watch the programs being broadcast or broadcast before by rewind, pause and fast forward, etc.

Network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR) Users select to record some of the TV programs, the head-end system will download these events so that TV audiences can order them from the programming list.

Pay-per-view(NVOD) Users purchase particular programs they want to order each time.

VOD service variants Other services evolved from the current VOD services.


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